• 1.   We search for products that are
    new - original - innovative

  • 2.   We select the most relevant products

  • 3.   We promote these products
    to specialist shops
    and equestrian centers

Our mission

To search for, select and promote products aimed at horse riders and their horses



When it comes to your horse, you only want the best. This is the mindset our horse riders have when searching for and testing new, original and innovative products that are interesting, but not widely available.



Our horse riders pick out the most relevant products for you, ones you will love, ones that will help you enjoy your passion to the fullest, and which will contribute to your horse's performance and well-being !



Our teams introduce the selected products to horse-riding shops, equestrian centers and horse riders, so that you can discover and purchase them easily.

You can find products selected by D&A Equitation in specialist shops :
they are easily recognisable by their label


All products selected by D&A Equitation bear this label. You can thus easily identify them in specialist shops.

Awarding an item this label is not something we take lightly. It represents a recommendation made to horse riders by horse riders; the outcome of a process of searching for, selecting and presenting products to professionnals, so that they can then be offered to you.
It is also a commitment to requiring a permanently high level of service quality from ourselves, our suppliers and our partners (logistics, transportation, etc.), including for delivery times, restocking, guarantees, after-sales service, product improvement, etc.

Why not give them a try !

About us

D&A is a company that specialises in business growth.
It has offices in the major French cities.

Conquest, challenge and competition are the driving forces for our profession. Sportsmanship is a key element of our teams, wich include many horse riding enthusiasts.

Within D&A, the D&A Equitation team promotes and distributes selected products to help this sector's start-ups and companies to grow.


Above and beyond the services integral to our profession, the team is very active in the equestrian world :

Since 2016, D&A has been a strategic partner of Hippolia, the equine industry Innovation Cluster. In fact, we believe that we should contribute to ecosystem development. This means we keep abreast of new offers, developments, trends and innovations in this sector.

D&A sponsors equestrian events and competitions, in particular by donating to trials (Amateur & Pro).
Photo : Jump HEC


D&A is the Official Sponsor of TEAM D&A, an association affiliated with the Fédération Française d'Equitation (French Horse Riding Federation), wich aims to develop competition at the Amateur and Pro levels by guiding the selected horse riders towards achieving their goals.


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